Our mission is to develop functional equipment and clothing to protect and support you on high performance challenges.  Therefore we provide gear with dedicated advantages. On the other hand we are specialised on ergonomics and the superior fit because the best system is the one you merge with. To accomplish this our focus is on weight reduction, weight distribution, thermal management, functional materials and the ideal shape.


This design office provides consulting, conception, design, research and development performances. We serve the entire development chain from basic research, individual preliminary configuration and definition of system requirements, validation and testing, construction and documentation using CAD-drafting/-simulation, through to the series production maturity and qualification. We work for private and public clients to deliver on time, cost, quality and performance targets.

We form concepts from the initial product idea through the product visualization, through the patent specification, right up to the intellectual property.

We are enthusiastic and highliy qualified for CAD applications, from 3-D visualization for product presentation purpose and manual instructions, up to surface flattening to generate pattern from 3-D geometry.

We provide prototypes made of rigid materials via rapid prototyping and precision casting or process light and heavy garments.


You are welcome to contact us for development or consulting purpose



  • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Thermal management and Ventilation
    • G-Protection
    • Ballistic- and Stab Protection
    • Heat- and Flame Protection
    • NBC Protection
  • Rescue Equipment
    • Inflatable Safety Vests
    • Lifeboats
    • Pilot Flight Equipment
  • Consumer Products
    • Outdoor Equipment and Clothing
    • Smart Clothes
    • Protective Gear in Sports
    • Riding Equipment
  • Housing and Covers
    • Textile
    • Composite
    • Injection moulding
    • Precision Casting




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